New events coming in 2021

Past Events:

January 31 – February 2 – Join me in Greenville, SC as I facilitate sessions about challenging behaviors

February 9 – I will be leading a session to help early childhood professionals make sense of challenging behaviors – Come see me in beautiful Savannah, GA

February 18 – I will be leading a Professional Development morning in Cary, NC

February 23 – Come meet me in Columbia, SC as I lead a couple of sessions about the topic on so many teacher’s minds; challenging behaviors

March 2 – So excited to be the keynote speaker at the GCCA Conference in Greenville, SC

April 25 – 27 – I am making the trek to Ohio to talk with passionate early childhood professionals about challenging behaviors

Workshop Offerings:


  • 5 Things You Can Do Today to Lessen Challenging Behaviors Tomorrow
  • Are Your Children in Times Square?: Designing Classrooms to Lessen Challenging Behaviors and Increase Learning
  • It Is All About the Brain: Using Brain Research to Create Appropriate Early Childhood Classrooms
  • Classroom as Reading Teacher: Cultivating Lifelong Readers and Writers
  • Teacher as Gardener: Creating Nurturing Environments in Which All Children Thrive
  • 5 Crutches of Early Childhood & Why You Don’t Need Them
  • Voices of the Past & Research from Today: Using What We Know to Whisper into the Future


These workshops can be customized to your needs.

For more information, please fill the form here to contact me.

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