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Bring Michelle’s unique blend of research-based ideas, real-life stories, and thought-provoking humor to your next early childhood event. With her over 30 years of experience as a teacher, director, trainer, and early childhood leader, Michelle is able to connect with your audience and provide them with new ideas they can apply to their practices the very next day. Make your next keynote inspirational, filled with laughter and something your audience will be talking about for years.

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of Challenging Behavior

When teachers create environments that teach skills rather than punish individual actions, they reduce behavior problems and nurture the growth of all learners. This book expertly guides early childhood teachers to analyze their classroom elements, routines, and responses to children.
Much like gardeners who adjust soil, water, or fertilizer to help flowers bloom, educators of young children must look beyond challenging behaviors to what a child’s actions are communicating about her learning environment or home life
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